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I want to meet this man.


I want to meet this man.


The number of people to which I have wanted to say this to…

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monolingual: oh you speak X?? say something in X!!

me in X: it must be so sad to only know one language

monolingual: so beautiful. man, i wish i could speak another language

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Studying multiple languages at the same time?

More like, “I have an approximate knowledge of many things.”

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my computer crashed like 2 weeks ago and now my phone crashed I’m gonna cry



Maybe I’ll be less likely to skip a day knowing that I have people able to see that I’m being lazy. >D

Follow me on Memrise? :)


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If you’re a language-learner and you don’t know about Memrise, you have to check it out. It’s probably my favorite language-learning website, to be honest.

It’s basically a bunch of flash cards to help you learn new vocabulary. You can make your own decks, or use the multitude of decks already on there for a huge variety of languages (and topics that aren’t languages too). You can add little drawings (called “memes”) to help you remember certain words, or use ones that other people have already made.

And you can follow strangers/friends and see how they’re doing daily/weekly/monthly. If you’re competitive, follow as many people as possible, because it ranks you among them by how much you’ve “studied”! You also level-up depending on how much you study.

It also has an iPhone app (I’m not sure for other devices?) that syncs up perfectly with the website, so you can review all your decks wherever you are. (And it also gives cute little reminder messages if you haven’t studied in a while).

Sounds like I work for Memrise or something. :P But I really do love it!

This is my account if anyone wants to follow me! My name is “BlueZepher”.

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someone needs to rope off the language section when I go to the bookstore

For real though, I will walk to that section and pick up Vietnamese and Korean books knowing full well that I have no interest in learning those languages.

Preeeety much what I do. Soon my personal library is gonna be bigger than their language section and I will be very poor.